OM YEAH YOGA MOVEMENT is shifting the culture of education

by offering opportunities for educators and leadership to be inspired. If any of these practices (gratitude, contemplation, reflection, introspection, meditation) become rooted in the teacher, they will come naturally into the classroom 

and school.



Professional Development*

OM YEAH Team Training

We train a small group of your staff members to implement and sustain a program of mindful practices including:

Weekly Yoga classes on site

Instruction on Mindfulness meditation

Guided Meditation  Journaling

Classroom Applications

*Full list of workshops in blue bar/link above 

"Never before have I felt so confident about the long-reaching impact we can have on each others' well-being and the well-being of our students." - Principal J. Keats, Milwaukee, WI


About OM YEAH Founder, Betsy Delzer:

Betsy has been an educator in Middleton Cross Plains School District since 2001. She has been certified through Street Yoga (a trauma-informed yoga training), completed her 200 hour yoga training through Inner Light Studios in Milwaukee, (an Integrative Yoga Therapy program), and completed training through Off the Mat, Into the World. She has been trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as well as a variety of mindfulness curricula for kids and adolescents including Search Inside Yourself, Mindful Schools, Growing Minds, and Learning to Breathe. She is currently pursuing her MA in Educational Leadership at St. Mary's. She has taught yoga to educators since 2012 and founded a wellness movement in education, bringing mindful practices to schools. Om Yeah Yoga Movement is in the Middleton-Cross Plains School District,  throughout Wisconsin in Wauwautosa, Waunakee, Chippewa Falls, Germantown, Appleton, Baraboo, and has reached the Twin Cities (MN), Seattle (WA), and Carmel (IN). Betsy continues her work in MCPASD as the Coordinator of Mindful Education and Leadership Development, a coaching position on the Leadership Team to offer leaders and staff support. She focuses on areas of mindfulness-based emotional intelligence, team dynamics, stress reduction, resilience, self-care, mindful communication, and contemplative practices for personal, classroom, and professional application.

Yoga Class
Yoga Class
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